The Little Book of Happiness

The Little Book of Happiness

The who, what, why, when & how – everything you need to know about us and our Employee Engagement and Happiness Platform.


Neuroscience & Workplace Psychology

The psychological theories we use

The workplace psychology theories we have adopted for workplace feedback.


How Happy are HR Professionals? Whitepaper research

Hr Happiness Index

Our global study into the happiness of HR professionals!


Working with The Happiness Index

Partnerships: Working with us

We see our partners as an extension of our team – find out more!


What really makes people happy at work? WHITEPAPER

Boost workplace happiness & performance

Discover the top-five happiness factors that make people happy in their work.


Discover how to improve eNPS

Boost eNPS to create loyal advocates

Uncover the key factors that create employee satisfaction, advocacy & loyalty.


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