Our first CSR donation to Uganda’s most vulnerable children

Tony Latter | 28th September 2018

We recently partnered with Hope for Children and have made our first donation towards our chosen cause.

The donation will be used to:

  • Provide learning materials, such as exercise books and pencils so children can gain access to education.
  • Help children have access to a football pitch, football coaching and a referee allowing them to stay fit and healthy and have fun.
  • Supply sports kit for girls to take part in football sessions, including football strips, trainers, spare training clothes, and training equipment again to raise awareness of the importance of exercise.

We want to help children like Derrik to benefit from these initiatives and we hope to enrich their lives and make them happier.

Here are a few words from Hope for Children’s CEO, Murielle Maupoint:

“Education is the single greatest way to lift people out of poverty, so we’re excited to be partnering with The Happiness Index who will be supporting some of the most vulnerable children in Uganda to access a quality education and build a future for them and their families.”

We’re thrilled to say we’ve just made our first donation and are really excited to be partnering with Hope for Children.