Why I joined The Happiness Index and what makes me happy!

Jodie O'keeffe | 7th September 2018

A few years ago I discovered a scientist and amazing author called Dr. David Hamilton. He says “Kindness is my philosophy” and has written many books on how our thoughts and minds can affect our body but also the people around us. The science of happiness, essentially. Ever since then I have been a firm believer in adopting a positive mental attitude in every area of life.  You can imagine my delight at working for a company that tirelessly pursues happiness and wellness!

I had been trawling through numerous job sites for weeks endlessly searching for jobs. One morning I opened Google and searched for ‘Jobs in London Bridge’ where The Happiness Index popped up. After clicking the website my eyes were greeted by a cool website with a whole lot of yellow and some infographics. I knew I had to apply.

I’m joining The Happiness Index as the Technical Customer Support Assistant (rolls off the tongue)! I’ll be working with the Client Success/Account Management team to help set up new clients whilst ensuring new and long-standing clients have the best experience with our platform. I’m mostly looking forward to learning the system inside out and giving clients the information and tools they need to create success and build happier and higher-performing businesses.

My experience lies in employer branding, recruitment advertising and talent attraction. Over the last 5 years I have gained a strong understanding of where and how employers should be advertising themselves to draw in the best talent around. I have helped corporate companies, local governments and universities utilise their advertising budget in the best places possible including graduate fairs, online outlets and even the iconic big red buses of London! With the expertise of knowing what makes a company worth joining I’m now going to take a new direction in my career and start learning what it takes for a company to retain its workforce.

I enjoy being on the phone as much as possible and creating relationships with clients. It helps maintain a strong line of communication and in the past has been so valuable in building rapport… clients have turned into friends which ensures the day-to-day job is far more worthwhile.

It’s my first day today and I was welcomed with a tray of Krispie Kremes which can only be a good thing! I’ve had a warm welcome, got to know the team and am looking forward to this afternoon’s presentations…

So, what makes me happy?

Let’s get to the business end of things, what factors most impact my happiness?

  • Family – What else could I put on top of the list!? I live 150 miles away from my brothers and sisters so I miss them terribly but we keep in constant contact thanks to the wonders of social networking. I live with my husband and 3 yr old daughter. They are my main focus in life and I love them dearly.

Family happy

  • Curry – Okay, not the most likely thing you’d see on the list but curry is my favourite food of all time. The possibilities are endless when preparing one and its a great sharing dish with family and friends. There’s a curry for everyone!


  • Festivals – From Glasto to the local food fair I love them all. There’s a smiling face everywhere you look and people are eager to talk and join your party.

Happy festivals

  • London – I’ve lived in London for 7 years slowly migrating from north to south in that time. You’ll never run out of cool things to do here. Also, there’s no better place to be when you have the Friday feeling!

London happy

I’m over the moon to be joining as employee #10 to the business. I hope to be here when we welcome the 100th!