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Stakeholder engagement and happiness

The importance of stakeholder engagement

There’s a wealth of articles about employee engagement. I should know… I’ve probably written about 10% of them! But how often do you see anything on stakeholder engagement? We should be reading more about the importance of keeping everyone engaged, not just your staff and customers. Well worry not friends as this is your lucky […]

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Womens March International Women's Day

International Women’s Day 2019 – How to ensure everyone is happy

“International Women’s Day is a time to reflect on progress made, to call for change and to celebrate acts of courage and determination by ordinary women who have played an extraordinary role in the history of their countries and communities.” – United Nations Happy International Women’s Day everyone! This is a day to celebrate equality, […]

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Happy cat happiness series

Happiness series: What is happiness?

I’ve been selling happiness for a decade. It’s my business and my passion. As a marketer, I promote a product designed to make people happy. As a business psychologist, my product is knowledge and know-how. My studies involve happiness and wellness strategies that can create a happier workplace for you and all your people. Now, […]

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Humanising robots and technology

The importance of humanising robots

I’ve always been gadget-obsessed! In fact, I think I began programming on my Atari ST at the age of 5! We live in such an exciting time because there’s so much innovation. Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and IBM letting us consume advances en masse and at scale through their clouds. The means of interacting with […]

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Managing reducing absenteeism work life balance wellness

How to manage and reduce absenteeism

We all miss work days from time to time. We’re human after all! However, if employees don’t think work attendance is important, your culture isn’t right or they’re not engaged – they may tend to take advantage of being absent. When this happens, the cost to you and your company is great. By focussing on […]

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The importance of annual leave and holiday

The importance of holidays – Go get some sun!

I recently started a new role at The Happiness Index as Head of People. During my induction, I was asked by our Head of Robots – Matt Stannard, “What makes you happy?” Apart from the obvious answer of family, my immediate answer was “Holidays”! Whether it’s visiting a new city, skiing or returning to a […]

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2019 new year resolutions for businesses

5 New Year’s resolutions for businesses in 2019

“In a world of increasing change and complexity, we have a lot to think about as we develop the future for HR. But we also have a great opportunity to position HR at the heart of business, rising to our role in building organizations [sic] that are more agile and adaptive, more diverse, more responsible […]

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