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Drunk person asleep at the work Christmas party

How to survive the work Christmas party

As the festive season snowballs into full swing, the work Christmas party is getting nearer and nearer. You’ve been working hard for the whole year and now it’s time to slip into your most flattering elf outfit and have some festive fun! For many of us, this is an occasion we Ho-heartedly welcome (sorry). For […]

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Top 10 data-driven ways to boost staff retention

Discover ten data-driven ways to help you ensure your people are happy, your culture is thriving and staff retention rates are soaring! In today’s fast-paced working world, “The war for talent” is raging. Workers are quick to jump ship, which is devastating for retention rates. The US Bureau of Labor statistics suggests “3 million Americans […]

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Pre-built happiness culture surveys

How Happy are HR professionals?

This is not a question I had asked until I was working in data studio last week. On a weekly basis I send round interesting data to everyone who works at The Happiness Index (We call ourselves Quokkas). I was shocked to find in one of my reports that HR professionals were sitting joint bottom […]

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Burnout good to talk

Mental health|Finding the missing link

I’m very lucky in my life. I’ve always had a very supportive family, amazing friends and somehow colleagues who are awesome and tolerate my randomness on a daily basis. That said though, sometimes when things do get tough I would say I’m someone who will bottle things inside, probably as I take after my dad […]

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Mental health carer

World Mental Health Day & The Super-Carers

Today is World Mental Health Day! The purpose of the day is to raise awareness of mental health issues and to advocate for positive mental health and against stigma.  The theme of world mental health day is suicide and suicide prevention, serious topics that are, more often not, more heavily stigmatised than the mental illness […]

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Organisational culture is your brand

Understanding organisational culture – Tips to help your business thrive

We all have our own unique personalities that set us apart from everyone else and define us. Similarly, every organisation has its own vision, rules, practices and guidelines. This is essentially the organisation’s personality. This is known as organisational culture. Much like a human personality it has certain traits and triggers which help it imporve […]

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How to Create a Thriving Company Culture

Every company wants to create the best possible corporate culture for themselves and their employees, but not all manage to make it happen! One of the best possible ways to create a thriving, successful company culture is by fostering one in which feedback is asked for, implemented, and rewarded. In fact, 78% of employees who […]

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flexibility work-life balance & autonomy for workplace happiness

Happiness at work: Autonomy & Flexibility

Want to know one of my most shocking discoveries when I was studying business psychology? I discovered that autonomy is one of the main catalysts for job satisfaction, wellbeing, performance and happiness at work. This surprised me because none of my previous jobs had given me the flexibility to be autonomous!  I didn’t know that […]

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happy satisfied employees having fun

Top 5 data-driven ways to boost employee satisfaction

Before we highlight the innovative ways to boost employee satisfaction, it’s probably wise to set the scene… Employee satisfaction levels reflect the sentiment and culture of the company. Happy and satisfied people will work harder, streamline processes and massively improve culture. Paving the way for better recruitment and staff retention. Satisfaction breeds satisfaction. Dissatisfaction breeds […]

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