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A team of millennials using various types of technology

Millennials under the microscope – 5 tips to keep them engaged

The sun is beginning to set on the Baby Boomers entering the twilight years of their career and rise on the Millennials who are reshaping the modern workplace. This begs the question “Who are they?” Expected to make up almost half of the workforce by 2020, millennials were born between the early 1980s to the early […]

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Creativity concept with man holding a tablet computer

How to free up time to enhance mindfulness and creativity

The drive for creative expression is one of our most innate processes – we were creating things before we could walk or talk. We were making coloured scribbles, creating new worlds with our imaginations and dreaming of creative and unworldly things. Creativity is not just about art or design. When we choose what clothes we […]

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A group of happy employees who have bought inot the company vision and values.

5 steps to humanise your process to generate buy-in

Humanising your process is a key factor when trying to create more buy-in for your people analytics program. This is particularly relevant within your wider team, where trust and transparency are key qualities to boost response rates. Put simply, it is the ways that you can transform your data into relatable and easily-digestible insights, that […]

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A true leader stands out from the crowd

5 industry leaders highlight how they created success

Whether it’s leading a team, a department or a company, I’m sure you want to get more out of your workers. Before we launch into this article fully, I want to make a distinction between management and leadership. A manager keeps the hamster wheel turning, check-off the to-do lists and work on the process. The […]

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How to administer emotional first aid

We have so many practices to look after our physical health – watching what we eat, exercising, medical check ups – but what do we do to maintain our psychological health? We wouldn’t dream of letting a cut fester or a broken bone remain untreated, yet we allow our negative thoughts and feelings to bubble […]

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Key Takeaways from the Mission Critical HR Analytics Conference 2016

Yesterday The Happiness Index team spoke at Symposium Events’ conference ‘Mission Critical HR Analytics’. (You can check out the Twitter conversation using #SEanalytics). Human capital is your biggest cost, so why are so few businesses measuring it with a view to increasing performance? #SEanalytics — The Happiness Index (@happinessindex1) 15 September 2016 Focussed on unlocking the […]

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Developing a winning mindset

Developing a winner’s mindset to thrive

Do you feel that you are never going to improve in your work? Do you shirk from scenarios where you think you will be judged? Do you try to associate with people less skilled, intelligent, productive, charismatic or creative than you? This likely represents that you possess a Fixed Mindset, and it is crippling your […]

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