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How often can and should we survey our people

How often can (and should) we survey our people?

We’ve said that a one-off annual survey isn’t going to cut it when it comes to employee listening. The question then becomes “how often should we be surveying our people?” This is going to vary from organisation to organisation but we wanted to share some ideas with you. We’re helpful like that! Not Too Little […]

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Defining, measuring & improving employee experience

So we’ve talked about Employee Happiness. And we’ve talked about Employee Engagement. It’s time to throw another term into the mix: Employee Experience. People tend to use these phrases in lots of different ways, so we thought it might be helpful to talk about what specifically we mean in this context.  What do we mean […]

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Fullers Team

Fuller’s Launch New Employee Engagement & Happiness Programme

Fuller’s is launching a new employee engagement and happiness programme, in conjunction with The Happiness Index, as a cornerstone of its people strategy. The premium pubs and hotels business employs over 4,000 people across 209 managed businesses, with 1,027 boutique bedrooms, and 175 Tenanted Inns. The company has always been values-led and prides itself on […]

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Welcoming a New Quokka – Meesh Pallo

The Happiness Index is excited to welcome Meesh Pallo as our new Head of Happiness and Engagement.  Experienced People Partner, Meesh Pallo (pronouns – she, they), joined the ranks of the THI team this August. Meesh has a history of helping companies live their values and create environments for employees to show up as their […]

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How to build an employee-centric listening program

“When employees say they want their voices to be heard, they are really saying they want leaders who will not just hear them, but really listen to them.” – Forbes Thinking about starting an employee listening program, but don’t know where to begin? Use our step by step guide to think about how you will […]

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Measuring happiness and engagement in a global context

One of the challenges we speak to people about time and time again is ‘measuring employee experience across different locations’. Frequently this includes those with multiple locations such as a head office, warehouses and public facing locations, such as shops, pubs or restaurants. Creating meaningful insights across very different locations and working environments can be […]

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employee happiness

How and Why to Measure Employee Engagement & Happiness

The pandemic has changed the world of work forever. We’re seeing a lot of stress on people’s mental and physical health, and organisations rethinking how, when and where their people work. This poses particular challenges for People and HR teams. If you’re looking to get an accurate assessment of your culture, and how your people […]

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wellbeing day

Quokka Wellbeing Day

Mental health – and specifically wellbeing – has been at the centre of many conversations recently. Between the stresses and strains of the pandemic and the usual pressure of modern life, many have been struggling. It’s not just high-profile cases like Simone Biles and Naomi Osaka – 60% of adults said their mental health has […]

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