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Reimagining employee engagement webinar

Reimagining Employee Engagement in 2021 – My Key Takeaways

We got 2021 off with a bang as I interviewed 3 of my favourite HR experts Lisa Haggar in the UK, Daiana Vivan in France and Kenlyn Klamper in the USA about how we can reimagine employee engagement in 2021.  I specifically invited Lisa, Daiana & Kenlyn as they are all data-driven BUT not one […]

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Why happiness?

Why Happiness?

This is inspired by the second chapter of my book, Freedom to be happy: The Business Case for Happiness At the Happiness Index, we speak to loads of CEOs and HR directors every single day. Lots of them come to us with variations of a similar story – their employee engagement metrics are at record […]

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Happy workplace hormones neuroscience

Which (Happy) hormones are at work in the workplace?

As we move into another lockdown (sigh), many business leaders are coping with high levels of uncertainty and seismic changes to their processes and ability to manage and lead their people. Change is difficult for everyone and can cause a lot of unrest for both employers and employees alike.  I keep hearing business leaders saying […]

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Chris Hyland Quarterly Customer Update

Chris’s Quarterly Customer Update

Rather than sending you the obligatory “Thank god 2020 has gone and long live 2021” we wanted to drop you a line and share our highlights from 2020 and more importantly our vision for the year ahead and beyond. Our Vision At The Happiness Index, our vision is Freedom To Be Human, which means in […]

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Cultural Assessment Survey - Heart t & Head

New Year. New Culture: Plan for a Thriving Culture in 2021

Check out the Cultural Assessment Survey Looking to the future We all know 2020 ushered in an unparalleled amount of change – furlough, pay cuts, redundancies… and of course the remote work era! Our data shows that you’ve felt overworked, overwhelmed, overloaded and anything else you can think of that starts with over in 2020! […]

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Training Creating Staff Happiness and Wellbeing

How Training Creates Happier Workplaces

It is safe to say that 2020 has not been a conventional year. This has been particularly true for those used to working in an office of some description. As the Covid-19 pandemic has triggered mass redundancies and economic recessions, employers are looking for people with more and more skills and experience to fill their […]

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Happiness & Humans Podcast Blog banner

Can money make you happy with Gethin Nadin

Happiness and humans podcast Summary In this episode of the podcast, Matt Phelan, Founder and Chief Happiness Officer at the Happiness Index, speaks to author, influencer and generally smart human, Gethin Nadin, to get to the bottom of one of life’s biggest questions – can money make you happy? Along the way Gethin and Matt […]

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Mental health resilience

Today’s emotions are tomorrow’s performance

The Road to Resilience – Building Mental Resilience Despite Uncertainty As we move into another lockdown, all HR leaders and CEOs are trying to juggle high levels of uncertainty in their business, both for individual employees and their organisation’s as a whole. They’re worried about how long lockdown will last. How it will impact the […]

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Happiness & Humans Podcast Blog banner

Happiness and Brand Marketing with Brandon James

Happiness and humans podcast Summary In this episode of the podcast, Matt Phelan, Founder and Chief Happiness Officer at the Happiness Index, speaks to his friend and fellow happiness and marketing enthusiast Brandon James, Director at BrandON, about linking employee and customer happiness, as well as thinking about how and why global brands are using […]

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