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Inspirus & The Happiness Index Announce Partnership & Launch of Employee Recognition Index

We are delighted to announce a new partnership with Inspirus LLC, offering organisations in North America a unified technology platform delivering a pioneering combination of employee recognition, engagement and happiness. 


Inspirus, a leader in employee engagement, is known for its rewards and recognition technology. The Connects platform helps organisations ensure their employees feel connected, valued and appreciated, creating a positive team culture that boosts morale and improves retention. Our new strategic partnership will provide organisations with an end-to-end employee engagement solution. The Happiness Index platform’s employee voice and employee feedback tools will integrate seamlessly into the Connects platform. 

This new collaboration will also create a new Employee Recognition Index that will give HR teams and leaders a greater understanding of what their people think and feel about their recognition programs. Customers of Inspirus’ Connects platform will then be well-equipped to use data-driven business intelligence to transform their people strategy, creating thriving workplace cultures powered by high levels of employee engagement and happiness and delivering a complete employee experience.

Global Growth Manager of The Happiness Index, Lucy Wang, said: “We are delighted to announce this exciting new partnership with another leading tech business in the global HR SaaS market. Strategically this partnership will be pivotal to helping both companies to continue to expand and to enabling more organisations to create thriving work cultures.” 

“Inspirus is committed to helping our clients create great places to work that support their employees' needs,” says Tatiana Frierson, CEO at Inspirus and Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services, USA. “By combining our platform with the neuroscience-based listening platform from The Happiness Index, we’ll be able to transform how we help the world’s leading companies retain their most important asset, their people.”

Jacqui Weeks, Global Customer Lead at The Happiness Index adds: “At a time of huge labour shortages and change in the workplace this partnership couldn’t be more timely. By helping Inspirus customers to listen to their people at scale, it will help them feel valued, connected and to gain a deep sense of belonging.”

About The Happiness Index 

The Happiness Index helps organisations measure the key employee engagement AND happiness drivers to power their people strategy. Our unique platform offers the products, insights and tools to shine a light on your cultural health and empower management to drive thriving cultures. Our neuroscience-based pre-built surveys measure the full employee experience. By measuring the heart and brain of your organisation, we help you understand how employees think, feel and behave. We empower and enable managers to move from feedback to insight to action. We work across 90 countries with clients as diverse as Sodexo, Darktrace, Rocco Forte Hotels and Unilever. 

About Inspirus 

Employees play a large part in defining a company’s culture: their everyday experiences create the foundational structure that drives an organisation to be strong, high-performing, and ultimately successful. Inspirus helps organisations harness the full potential of their greatest resource — their people — ensuring they feel valued and connected, fostering greater loyalty, performance, productivity and success. Through our technology, integrated solutions and award-winning customer service, we elevate the employee experience and optimise organisational culture by providing a holistic approach throughout the entire employee journey. Visit for more information. As a vital part of the multinational Sodexo Group, our efforts are strengthened by Sodexo’s global reach, and something more: a guiding principle for positive change — improving the quality of life for everyone. Inspirus aims to bring joy to work, one experience at a time.

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