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Ain’t no stopping us now… We’re on the move

We are proud to announce we have just moved to our new office to accommodate our growth. It’s also to accommodate our unique bright, brash and vibrant design ideas that would even make the Changing Room’s cast uncomfortable!This is a taster: To quote the immortal words of Mcfadden and Whitehead; “Ain’t no stopping us now… […]

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The importance of work-life balance

The importance of work-life balance

Work plays a significant part in all our lives. Our earnings ensure that the lights stay on, there’s food on the table and the rainy-day pot is full. It is no easy task to achieve work-life balance in today’s unpredictable and fast-paced business world. As we grow increasingly more connected through technology and social media, […]

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Pets in the workplace: Pros & (a few) cons

As an animal lover, it’s alien to me that some people wouldn’t want to work alongside them. For some of us – leaving our pet(s) at home is a horrible way to start the day. Many find it genuinely traumatic! The non-pet-owners amongst you will undoubtedly be thinking that we need to get a grip, […]

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Black hands with thumb up and down gestures 4 day work week, engagement catalyst and happiness or marketing myth

The 4-day work week – Marketing myth or happiness catalyst?

I had the pleasure of hosting a roundtable with some customers and friends of The Happiness Index (THI) recently. We hotly debated the pros and cons of implementing a 4-day work week. I wanted to hear my industry peers’ thoughts on whether it can help to boost employee engagement, company culture and happiness… or if […]

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Managing reducing absenteeism work life balance wellness

How to manage and reduce absenteeism

We all miss work days from time to time. We’re human after all! However, if employees don’t think work attendance is important, your culture isn’t right or they’re not engaged – they may tend to take advantage of being absent. When this happens, the cost to you and your company is great. By focussing on […]

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The importance of annual leave and holiday

The importance of holidays – Go get some sun!

I recently started a new role at The Happiness Index as Head of People. During my induction, I was asked by our Head of Robots – Matt Stannard, “What makes you happy?” Apart from the obvious answer of family, my immediate answer was “Holidays”! Whether it’s visiting a new city, skiing or returning to a […]

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Drunk person asleep at the work Christmas party

How to survive the work Christmas party

As the festive season snowballs into full swing, the work Christmas party is getting nearer and nearer. You’ve been working hard for the whole year and now it’s time to slip into your most flattering elf outfit and have some festive fun! For many of us, this is an occasion we Ho-heartedly welcome (sorry). For […]

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