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The future of HR is Punk: 12 tips to thrive

Here is my very personal view on what the future of HR looks like in successful companies. Feel free to agree or disagree, I won’t be offended. I have also added in top tips from 12 of the smartest people I know on how you can achieve this. N.B: For the purpose of this article […]

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Happiness & Humans – A day for People Leaders

For those of you who haven’t been following our relentless promotions on social media – we hosted our own conference this month all around happiness in the workplace. The event was called Happiness & Humans and included panel sessions and speakers with a wealth of insight into workplace culture, happiness and wellbeing. We were lucky […]

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Black hands with thumb up and down gestures 4 day work week, engagement catalyst and happiness or marketing myth

The 4-day work week – Marketing myth or happiness catalyst?

I had the pleasure of hosting a roundtable with some customers and friends of The Happiness Index (THI) recently. We hotly debated the pros and cons of implementing a 4-day work week. I wanted to hear my industry peers’ thoughts on whether it can help to boost employee engagement, company culture and happiness… or if […]

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2019 new year resolutions for businesses

5 New Year’s resolutions for businesses in 2019

“In a world of increasing change and complexity, we have a lot to think about as we develop the future for HR. But we also have a great opportunity to position HR at the heart of business, rising to our role in building organizations [sic] that are more agile and adaptive, more diverse, more responsible […]

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The future of workplaces hw to thrive

Video: How to be an employer of the future

 In my role as founder and CEO of The Happiness Index I speak to lots of different businesses on a regular basis. Due to the nature of our work I get the opportunity to look ‘under the bonnet’. It never fails to amaze me that regardless of size or sector there is a recurring […]

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Change management. Motivating people through change

How to motivate your people through periods of change

We live in a world where the future is increasingly shrouded in uncertainty. External factors can affect our businesses – Brexit and the ambiguity around impending world trade agreements can immediately shift the climate we work in. Recent evidence suggests there will be more change and shockwaves to our businesses over the next five years […]

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eNPS study to create satisfied and loyal-business advocates

Boosting eNPS to create loyal and satisfied business advocates

The genius Statisticians here at The Happiness Index HQ felt compelled to understand what factors really impact the engagement, happiness and loyalty of workers around the globe. Why was this important to us? Well, that’s simple… so we can help businesses understand how to get the most out of their people and improve business. Why […]

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Training staff to boost retention rates

Why building your worker’s employability makes perfect business sense

Your business should never stagnate or stop developing. To ensure this never happens, you should continually invest in the development of your greatest asset – your staff. Regular staff training is a key component in helping your people develop their skills and fulfil their duties to a higher standard. It will create a team of highly-skilled and […]

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