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MEET Rosanna


Senior Customer Success Manager

One of our super talented Senior Customer Success Managers, there's nothing Rosanna doesn't know about getting the most out of our platform!

Aside from dogs, long walks and being near the sea, Rosanna is happiest when having a positive impact on others.











Technical wizardry


Ability to speak quietly



Senior Customer Success Manager

The Happiness Index

I can bring my true self to work every day, I get to work with a group of such lovely, talented people who share my values, and I have a lot of freedom within my role - I feel completely that any ideas I have would be backed by those around me.

A movie Rosanna could watch on repeat? Groundhog day. (We're not sure if that's a joke either - didn't like to ask!).

When ordering pizza, Rosanna is a sucker for anything with mushrooms on.

Some of Rosanna's favourite activities include sitting by the canal with a book, or visiting one of London's museums or galleries.

Rosanna finds there is loads of freedom within her role and spends her time building strong relationships with her customers and her teammates. She feels extra engaged when she's collaborating on ideas and sharing a collective vision and purpose with other Quokkas.

Rosanna has been a quokka for over 5 years. Having interviewed with Chris and Pat, she felt inspired and motivated - never has anyone been as sure that they needed to get out of recruitment! (No shade to our recruitment pals!)

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