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The Happiness Index is incredibly fortunate to have a strong and varied leadership team. We enjoy a balance of vast experience and youthful exuberance. Find out a bit more about the people that are driving The Happiness Index to global success below:


Jackie Dyal
Human Experience Director

Getting the ‘human’ journey right for every person she speaks to is Jackie’s passion! She loves variety and been reposted in various roles to help define ‘best practice’ and encourage people thrive in every role she’s fulfilled. Jackie has extensive experience in project management, sales, partnership management and running teams across multiple sites for global projects.

Matt Phelan
Head of Global Happiness

Matt is the self-appointed Head of Global Happiness. This means he’s responsible for global expansion. Alongside Chris Hyland, he founded a global data and digital marketing agency before leaving the business after a trade sale and focussing entirely on The Happiness Index. His passion is to understand how people experience happiness and his vision is to use data to visualise culture in a similar way to how Google Maps visualises the world.

Gemma Shambler
Head of People

As Head of People, Gemma is responsible for the happiness and wellbeing of the businesses most valuable assets – it’s people! Her passion for developing and growing people led her into the weird & wonderful world of HR, and she hasn’t looked back since. Gemma is an advocate for flexible working and being a working Mum herself, has the first-hand experience of its benefits.

Martin Colenutt
Chair of Happiness at The Happiness Index

Pamela Teutsch Ortlieb
Directora Ejecutiva Beside Consultores

Leander LeSure
Owner and investor, quantum board member

I am passionate about helping people grow (skills, knowledge, and abilities) while allowing them to be their authentic selves that will in turn create sustainable organizations that ensure healthy and inclusive cultures.

Raj Nayak
Founder House of Cheer

A visionary leader, media maverick, growth spinner, trendsetter, and a motivational powerhouse, Raj has led businesses for over three decades. His unique prowess to pioneer new concepts and mentor people, make him one of the most respected professionals. An advocate of happyness, Raj derives his energy from people across all walks of life and believes in the strength of diversity.

Namrata Tata
Managing Partner – House of Cheer Networks

A fearless leader, happyness catalyst, and eternal optimist, Namrata believes in empowering people to think deep and go beyond in life. With over 20+ years of growing businesses across leading media platforms, Namrata is known to define the ‘new normal’ in every context she has chosen to be in. Great conversations and her two amazing kids make her happy.

Meesh Pallo
Head of Happiness and Engagement

Matt Stannard
Head of Robots

Matt is responsible for product development and innovation. He’s always worked in Data and Analytics space and been a student of AI and Machine Learning. He’s spoken at several conferences in the Data and Analytics space and is featured in “Google Analytics Breakthrough” as an expert in innovative use of Analytics to integrate off and online data.

Pat Phelan
Customer Success Director

Pat is responsible for happiness across our customer community and works hard with the team to ensure that they receive the best experience possible. He has worked in account management for over 10 years and was one of the founding employees at The Happiness Index. He strongly believes that your people define your personality, your personality defines your culture, your culture defines your work and your work defines your success.

Chris Hyland
Chief Customer Officer

Chris is the guardian of our customers. At the age of 26, Chris co-founded a digital marketing agency 4Ps Marketing with his (still) friend and (still) business partner Matthew Phelan. On the 10th anniversary of the business, Chris & Matt decided it was time for a change and left the business with 160 people in the UK & 1,000 globally to focus on The Happiness Index.

Mark Thompson
Head of UK Commercial

Mark heads growth in the UK. He’s responsible for finding new partners that share our goal of making the world of work a better place to be. Part of the early stage team at Econsultancy, – Mark launched their bespoke research division into North America. He was in the latter stages of becoming the 90s TV Milky bar Kid… alas some other blonde whipper-snapper got the gig!

Caroline O’Keeffe
Head of Marketing

Caroline is a marketing leader with extensive experience in growing multiple Fintech start-up businesses in the B2B sector both in UK and global markets. She has extensive experience in the HR sector.

Tony Latter
Head of Happiness Innovation

As head of happiness innovation, his role is to invent new ways for companies to listen to their people and visualise the insight they receive. His insights on “happiness at work driving engagement in today’s workplaces” recently featured in The Sunday Times. He’s a regular speaker at the CIPD’s annual conference and other HR events and panel sessions.

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